Program Highlights

Experiential learning program in a world class incubator.

Incubation platform to catalyse innovative tech products into growth ready enterprises.

Trained, Coached and Mentored by Product Leaders, Veteran Entrepreneurs, Business Executives and Top Investors.

Scientific approach to learning from first-principles of Product Innovation & Tech Entrepreneurship.

Grants & Investments facilitated to accelerate ideas into sustainable high-growth enterprises.

Access to a global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and network.

Who can Apply?

"I am working on my startup in the Ideation/Prototyping stage to build technology powered innovation backed by a high degree of passion to solve real-world problems. "

"I am a startup founder with grants/funding supports and want to enhance the odds of success of innovations (technology/commercial) and startup/business outcomes. "

"I want to inherit my family business, looking for opportunities to experiment tech-enabled business models, pursue growth in existing businesses or create new markets. "

“I am employed in a corporate and want to develop skills, explore a startup opportunity, expand my professional network & open up possibilities for new career.”


Each student must have a valid CAT, XMAT, CMAT, ATMA, ICET, MAT, GMAT, TANCET or CET score.

Apply for the personal/pitch interview at FORGE.FACTORY, Coimbatore.


Startup Masters Program launched by Dr.Anil Sahashrabude, Chairman, AICTE

Program Framework

The STARTUP MASTERS PROGRAM is a full time two year, four semester program. A startup is characterised by 2 most salient and foundational aspects - Innovation & Growth. During this program, Innovators - creative visionaries aiming to build technologically advanced solutions for real world problems, are nurtured and transformed into Entrepreneurs - ambitious founders aiming to build a growth-oriented company generating profit and delivering impact. Accordingly, the program is structured with the first year focused exclusively on Product Innovation and the second year concentrated on Business Growth. Over 2 years, consisting of 4 semesters, students shall earn 104 credits with the curriculum and pedagogy modelled across 3 Program Tracks - Product Management, Enterprise Creation and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

To bring necessary focus so as to streamline the acceleration of innovative product ideas into market ready products, the program shall exclusively focus on 3 Technology Domains - Advanced Computing (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), Connected Devices (IoT, Sensors & Networks), and Intelligent Machines (Industry 4.0, Robotics, & Automation).

Product Management
Enterprise Creation
Entrepreneurial Leadership

Opportunities after this course






Product Designer


Product Manager


Innovation Strategists


Incubation Manager

Progam Fee

Total Fees: ₹12,00,000*
? Fee per
 :₹ 3,00,000
? Duration  : 2-year full-time,4-semesters
*Terms & Conditions Apply
Fee Components
? Skills Development Services  : ₹ 6,00,000
? Startup Incubation Services  : ₹ 3,00,000
? Innovation Lab Infra/Resources  : ₹ 1,50,000
? Program Operations/Admin  : ₹ 1,50,000

Policy for Fee Waiver

  • The selected Candidates admitted as Fellows are waived the fee of ₹3 Lakhs for the first semester.
  • They continue in the Fellowship model every subsequent semester, as long as they achieve the indicated milestones for each semester.
  • If milestones are missed then the Fellows are charged ₹3 Lakhs for the next semester and this milestones based assessment is done each semester.
  • Each Fellow shall deposit ₹3 Lakhs at the time of admission to the program.
  • If they fail to meet the milestones in any of the semesters then this Deposit will be charged as Fee for the next semester, and they will have to renew the deposit of ₹3 Lakhs.
  • If the Fellows successfully complete the program by achieving all the milestones, then the Deposit of ₹3 Lakhs shall be refunded directly to the company as the Founder’s capital.

Product Leaders | Veteran Entrepreneurs | Business Executives | Top Investors

Gopal Srinivasan

TVS Capital Funds Limited

Shankar Vanavarayar

Managing Director,

Vish Sahasranamam

Co-founder & CEO,

Naru Narayanan

Co founder & Director,

Vivek Singh

Jazz Factory

Udhay Shankar

The Goa Project

Satish Mugulavalli

YourNest Captial

Karthic Ravindranath

Co Founder,
Gold Farm

Balaji Chakravarthi

ScoVelo Consulting

Dorai Thodla

Technology strategies LLC,CA

Ravi Bala

HealthSignals, LLC

Arun Arumugham

BioAgeS Innovations

Manjunatha Hebbar

Founder & CEO,



Rakesh Mishra

Director & CEO,

Girish Prabhu

Co Founder & Director,
Institute for Design (Led) Entrpreneurship

Kumar Sachidanandam

Co Founder & Startup Advisor,
Ydealogy Ventures

Anisha Patnaik


Derick Jose

Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics

Arjun Prakash

Effica Automation Limited

Kumar Venkatramani

Senior executive in Business / Engineering
Silicon Ideas Inc

Ashok Chandavarkar

Director - Strategic Initiatives,
Intel Corporation

Shankar Venugopal

Technology Leader,Prolific Inventor & Innovation Coach
Mahindra & Mahindra

Aravind Raman

Head Country Strategy & Business Development,

The FORGE Experience


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