What is STARTegies?

STARTegies [Strategies for Founders] is a 6-month managed incubation program from FORGE to help early-stage founders fast-track progression of product innovations to high-growth enterprises.

  • Offer startup & business mentoring services
  • Integrate skills & competencies development with co-working, community & networking
  • Support with technology, prototyping, and domain expertise
  • Create stronger linkages with the people and partners that combine and collaborate to make founders successful

STARTegies Camp is a 4-day immersive learning, mentoring, selling & pitching experience for hardware startups.

A bootcamp of sorts to help founders learn and apply the MVB framework to build their innovations into high-growth enterprises.

Minimum Viable Business (MVB)

A playbook for helping founders build innovations into enterprises!

Every new business is not a startup, and a startup is not a smaller version of a bigger company!

How do we empower startup founders (innovators) with the skills and competencies to bring their vision for innovation and change to reality ?

What is Entrepreneurship?

Building an enterprise that creates value for customers, generates revenue through sales, is able to self-sustain and grow profitably, and in that process delivers impact, brings about change, provides jobs, distributes wealth, and hopefully outlasts the lifetime of the entrepreneur - the enterprise founder, builder and leader.

Startup Founders - unlike small business owners or entrepreneurs building conventional enterprises, should focus more importantly on building a growth-oriented enterprise which has the potential for achieving higher revenue growth with lower fixed and operating costs, compared to already existing business models in their target markets/sectors.

In FORGE, we have developed and delivered several skills and competencies development programs for Startup Founders aimed at addressing this fundamental need, and to help them with the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship for both first generation startup entrepreneurs as well as for students, educators and researchers.

A STARTUP FOUNDER has to build [proof] for the [potential] to become a high-growth Enterprise!

Building this proof is a process of validation;

  • validation of the claim to solve the problem worth solving for a very large number of customers (Proof-of-Product)

  • validation of the viability of the operating model and revenue model through achieving consistent and predictable revenues (Proof-of-Business)

  • validation of the readiness of the business model to rapidly grow revenues with the lower rate of costs thereby becoming attractive for venture funding (Proof-of-Scale)

We call this proof every startup's Minimum Viable Business (MVB) milestone.


Startup Founders

VISION a business with higher potential for growth and impact

LAUNCH a compelling value proposition to significantly large market;

DESIGN a business model that is profitable and can achieve high-growth;

EXPLORE proof for the higher potential in the smallest size/scale of business;

OPERATE a business plan to achieve proof with a viable business with lowest cash and in the least time;

GROW revenues rapidly to achieve market leadership;

Camp #1

[Mar 14 - 17, 2018]

Know More

HWjunction is the integrated innovation lab for rapid hardware prototyping housed inside FORGE.FACTORY, the 20,000 sq.ft. incubation centre established in Coimbatore, created to catalyse the hardware/tech innovation pursuits of the







A comprehensive suite of equipment, resources, and tech expertise are offered to support up to 25 hardware startups concurrently in the areas of IoT, Electronics design, test & measurement, AI/ML/DL, 3D Digital fabrication, PCB design and assembly, IT computing, drones, robotics, and AR-VR.

The HWjunction portal will provide an exhaustive overview of the 11 constituent labs in HWjunction, covering the specifications of the equipment, tools, and resources on offer.

Explore HWjunction

Although mentoring has its role and is much needed for highly specific interventions, what is also needed is the playbook for everyday practice of entrepreneurship. The need for a coach then is only obvious.

MVB (Minimum Viable Business) is that playbook. That which sets up a common language between the coach and the player (founder), an approach to everyday practise to use the tools and techniques effectively in achieving outcomes that matter, and which adds rigour and rationale to the process.

The only thing that matters is if the playbook can be put to work by the players on their own!

There is no one-size-fits-all playbook, and each coach brings a different approach, a set of tools and techniques that suits their process of coaching, and their style of player engagement.

Mentors guide a player to win in a specific match! Coaches make a player better everyday!

Coaches for founders, meet more often, diagnose their progress regularly, understand their strengths and gaps dispassionately, and ensure that founders build their skills continuously so as to move the performance needle steadily, sustainably, and safely.

Launching STARTegists, the pool of Coaches for Founders, each of them come with the mastery of the tools & techniques that enhance the odds of success of enterprise creation and growth.

STARTegists is more than just a list of people, their profiles, and the process of coaching. Its a program to bring together a band of coaches for founders, build a collaborative community among them, and to identify, coach and create a pipeline of more STARTegists.




This model is an in-house incubation program for early-stage startup founders. Having everyone working out of the same space to push them to be better and we are indeed certain that startups learn more when they work alongside.
"Many founders have said that working with peers is the best part in FORGE."


This model has been designed for startup founders who wish to access our services and resources remotely while continuing to operate from their home city on account of geographic advantages or constraints.

Services In-Residence Visitation
Co-working 1 seat -
Mentoring 2 hours/month 4 hours/month

Hack a day - ₹ 650 + 18% GST

Hack a month - ₹ 12000 + 18% GST


3 Months* - ₹ 35,000

6 Months - ₹ 60,000
[Full payment]

[*need to be paid in 2 installments]
Benefits In-Residence Visitation
Corporate/Investor Connects
Workshop Waivers
14/6 Co-working access
24/7 Lab access
Service Providers

Selection of Cohort

your startup journey!

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